Dr Selby Healing Cream 40g




Latin America’s most trusted ointment 

The history of the Dr. Selby Cream was born at the beginning of the 20th century, as a family heirloom of an Austrian immigrant who landed in Uruguay. His high tolerance formula, fragrance-free, dye-free, paraben-free and made with noble ingredients, was called “Dr. Selby Healing Cream.”

In a short time, its healing power was gaining recognition and its use began to spread until it became a mythical product. Women, men, children and the elderly found in it a unique ally to repair damaged skin in a practical and safe way.
Then, the recommendation and advice of the family doctor and the mothers did the rest.

Dr. Selby began to be recommended from generation to generation, becoming a symbol of care and trust, in the cream that today
we all love and that it is always present in the first aid kit of every home. Today, Dr. Selby Laboratories continues to respect the unique formula and texture of a mythical cream that is synonymous with trust, relief, home and family.

The Original Ointment From Uruguay has been trusted for over 60 years. Its skin protecting and healing properties help with chaffing, scrapes, cuts, burns, cracking, eczema around the nipples, dry skin, dermatitis, and other irritations.


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