Our Story

Dearest Valued Customers

I wish to take a few moments to introduce myself as the newest member of Primal Nature. 

My name is Daniela, daughter of Primal Nature’s founders Ronaldo and Sylvia.

As far as I can remember Primal Nature has been a part of my life, I have acquired great insight into the work over the years together with primal natures primary values of health and wellbeing, I am confident that I can continue to add value to our customers whilst carrying forward the 30 years of success and accomplishments.

We have helped thousands of customers with our fully natural herbs and skincare range distributed through our partners across natural health retailers. 

We have now decided to expand the company’s online reach too. Our Primal Nature team in sales along with our international product sourcing experts on Amazonian products are the best in their own way and we promise to continue providing quality products with timely service.


Primal Nature Story

Primal Nature was founded in 1992 when Ronaldo Prochnik, who was born in Argentina discovered the wonders of Rosehip oil in Chile. After researching and discovering the powerful benefits of this natural plant.

Some years later he became interested in medicinal plants and ventured into the amazon to learn and live with the Amazonian people, discovering how for centuries the people of the Amazon region have been using plants to treat and prevent illness.

After witnessing first-hand, the miraculous abilities of plants, he began importing a range of herbal teas to Australia to help many people seeking natural remedies to cure and prevent illness. Along with the help of Dr. Hugo Malaspina, who practiced for years as a neurologist before beginning a practice based on medicine involving the use of herbal teas, together published ‘41 herbal teas and Treatments from the Amazon.’

For the past 30 years, Ronaldo and his wife Sylvia have been supplying Australia with medicinal herbal products from the Andes of Peru and the Amazon Rainforest. The complementary effects of herbal medicine by Primal Nature will continued to be a label that embraces natural medicine in its purest form.

The beneficial effects of herbal teas from the Amazon continue to assist in helping thousands with their health and wellbeing. 

Into the future Primal Nature’s vision and direction will be embodied by their daughter Daniela as director, who shares their same passion for health and wellness. Like her father and mother, she has a passion for health, travel and cultures whilst living life to the fullest.