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Primal Nature’s skincare range is based upon Rosehip oil that is grown from the Rosehip plants in Chile and have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures for their healing properties. Rosehip is also one of the richest plant sources of vitamin C, which is why it is the perfect basis for any skincare routine.

Herbal Teas

Primal Nature’s herbal range brings the purest form of the amazonian plants directly to you. Since prehistoric times, the native people of the Amazon and the Andes have been discovering the healing benefits of plants to enhance health and wellbeing.


We believe that good health shouldn’t be complicated and inaccessible. By tapping into the power of amazonian plants and superfoods Primal Nature’s supplement range will assist you on your journey to reach your health and lifestyle goals.

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Stonebreaker, also known as Chanca Piedra, has for centuries been used as a herbal remedy.  It is known for its historical significance in addressing various health concerns that may have an impact on factors such as kidney health, blood sugar levels, and overall well-being.

These conditions affect thousands of Australians ever year, with limited available solutions to combat the discomfort and aid in dissolution.

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