Revitalising Cream (50g)


Primal Nature’s Rosehip Revitalising Cream 50 grams –  contains a special blend of delicate moisturising ingredients in an aqueous base which enhances the youthful appearance of skin by assisting hydration and helping to improve texture and tone and appearance of the skin.


Its high grade natural ingredients including rose hip oil to rejuvinate and repair skin tissue; lavender to soothe and cleanse; geranium to tone and uplift; sweet almond to nourish and soften; carrot healing oil provides vitamin A and betacarotene; ylang ylang for normalising skin; chamomile extract for healing and natural vitamin E to help retard signs of ageing and attenuate scarring.

It is s totally chemical free containing only high quality natural ingredients. It contains no animal or vegetable fats nor any mineral oils and is not tested on animals.


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